where has the wind lost its way?
where has the breeze hidden the waves?
the moon's reflection in the ripples used to sway,
why has the wind taken them away?

without a whispering breeze
recalling melodies out of seas
the fruit won't begin its dance
from branch to branch into my hands.

in whose metal lungs does the wind moan trapped?
who sinks through darkness with a fish on his back?
only the shadow sees
silent secrets held in memories.

yes. you are the peaches i'll bake into a pie.
no need to add sugar.
you're perfectly ripe.
i'll find a tune for my horn blow.
if the wind won't shake you down i'll start my own storm.

my trombone calls for you.
root TOOT TOOT, my dear
dear dear, dear fat fruit.
root TOOT, toot toot toot

two heavy horns turned toward the call
in extreme surprise at the loud uproar.
their bewildered owner answers all calls punctually,
directly, discreetly,
and absolutely indiscriminately.

the owner of these fine horns is a civilized beast
a gentler soul in this world does not exist.
his numerous reputable friends
have on many occasion upheld his reputation
and followed in admiration of no ends.

if by chance the admired happened to jump a bench in haste
his admirers would applaud his taste.
on his cue they would all take to the air
only over the bench would they think to sail.

if by chance the admired charged away in a rush
aiming for a trombone with intent to crush
his admirers might perhaps shed a tear.
as for me, well, i’d duck out of fear.

the sound of a trombone taking refuge unexpectedly
might be heard for miles beyond its vicinity
if the case would happen to be
that rushed aim was off by an inch or three.

rain, rain, rain peaches from the sky.
with the help of music critics i'll bake my pie.
dizzy, dizzy, dizzy they may sometimes be
music critics may yet be of use to me.

you are the peaches i'm bringing home tonight
you've been sweetened by gentle moonlight.
the wind has not recently whispered tunes for you
but i hope my horn has brought your juices to bloom.

in my imagination
i can taste the melody
you'll be harmonizing in my pie for me.
your smell alone will more than suffice
to tantalize neighbors for miles and miles,
miles and miles,
and miles.

aa daa dii diiii daadaa.
i'm togaadaa widd ma sisdaa aad blaadaa.
aa daa dii daadaa daadaaaa.
we try to staad up baad is haad.

ba da da da
ba da da da.
we aa seriously workinh we aa naad heaa do play.
baadaa daa daadaa.

when we faa down we aa heaa for each aadaa.
ba da di di du
ba di di du.
laa daa diidii daadii daa diidii duu.
one day ma lilla sisdaa staid up till i counded do doo.
la di di da di di da di di do.

no known science can classify the power of the polarized magnets in your eyes.
your subatomic fibers resonate a beat
that echoes in my heart when our frequencies meet.

all of your quantifiable characterstics i've analyzed
their quality exceeds anything i recognize.
i'm certain beyond iota of doubt
yes today a new species i've found.

you seem to be oblivious to me
but after all
mystery is your predominant quality.
from now on i'll spend my time at your side
researching and deciphering behavior patterns of your life.

what i've decoded today has no parallel
you radiate limitless energy out of every cell.
your preoccupied attention does puzzle a bit
but nothing that puzzles ever sang as sweet.

the wind out of my lungs escaped without return
the moment fate snatched you my heart was torn.
ultraviolet radar from the ends of the galaxy
returned conclusive evidence that you'd been stolen from me.

when i saw you captive
i could barely control
multiple inverse explosions detonating my soul.
i carefully calculated the best way to set you free:
the brute beside you would have to fall from the tree.

aquarium fish launched with passionate velocity
tend to produce an impact not forgotten easily.
the piranha
a species both aquarium trained and monstrously fierce
will slash through his flesh and leave him in tears.
one will rip him apart clean to the bone
the second will nibble the rest 'til he's gone.
locked, loaded, and aimed.
his recompense has been launched.
don't move. don't sway. just a second don't budge...

while punishment descends.
piranhas with a grudge.
opportunity lost!
accomplishment failed. attempt derailed. my plan curtailed.
and...at what a cost?
slowly the monster turns it's eyes towards me
with greed in his smile
what does he see?

what does he see in me?
what barbariac schemes does his primitive nevous system percolate?
slashed. diced. shredded. pureed.
crushed like wine grapes.
will be his fate.

a true lie
i calculate.

star fall
shower light
dense black
drowned honey butter soft

silence melts

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..lost in time...

year followed year.

nights echoed days
leaving a silence
surprisingly clear.

how long had i been following the same footsteps
and again?

same cans i emptied
same cans i returned.
youth had flown with not a single thing learned.
then from nowhere, it hit
interrupted my step
eyes crystalized frozen
a terrified beast whined as it backed up and wept.

with many voices approached screaming and growls.
upon me descended
a hideous mountain of howls.

without reason it had suddenly come
within a moment it passed.
what had been taken from me in the chaotic unrest?
was anything left?
the friends i had known
any stability i'd been shown

distance without warning erased.
nothing it left me
not a thing of my own.
i grasped at the air before it too had flown.
a plastic bag from the trash can was the best i could find
to fill up my pocket
and ease up my mind.

a window reflection
is all that saved me from being alone
walking the world
lost with no home.

in the reflection was happiness,
kindness and peace.
i fell into rhythm singing...
bouncing with bliss.

fame spread and soon everyone knew.
from far and wide they brought their friends to see the joyful work that i do.

if i just pushed a little harder
if i concentrated on being skillful and fast
could i recapture what's hidden by the past?
without my command
with minds of their own
the scissors raced alongside the comb and shred into thin air any hair before to the floor it had flown.

behind me i heard my adoring audience
swooning with screams
to see such a talent never imagined in dreams.
their voices errupted
the room and the walls all rang at their sound
while i dived deeper into my work
not distracted by the new success i had found.

a lightning like bolt froze in my spine
a flash of recognition blackened my mind.
i'd heard this before
this was not new.
the previous disasters rumbled and rolled back into view.

this time everything was bigger
mean to the core
surrounded and trapped
i had no chance to run for the door.

i dodged
pulled back from swipe after swipe
escaping by inches with only my life.
crowds in the distance gathered to witness my end
when luck arrived with a fortunate moment to lend.
a moment is all i needed
a moment is all i got
it came and it passed.

with the struggle called off
before any blood
the spectators sighed and showed me their backs.
alone i found myself shivering in fear
none standing by me
nobody near.
the scissors i put in the pocket next to the bag
my only possessions.
all that i had.
within a blink
the silence was smashed.

a rain thundered around me
a deluge of attacks
horns blasted at me sending the pavement into cracks.
surrounded with nowhere to turn
no time to run
i broke off a window wiper
to stand and defend myself
and perhaps...

perhaps have some fun.

for years and years i fought
day after night
night into day
without food or drink
a moment's rest
or a single word to say.

the more they pushed
the stronger i stayed track.
everything thrown my way
was conducted precisely and vigorously back.
a harmony was born from the blasting missiles of noise.
combined and orchestrated with cunning dexterity and poise.

a burning crescendo dived into delicate hum.
gurgled and whistled
whispered and sang.
with flourish a wall of horns
sudden ending rang.

no one remained
not one was left who was not most pleased.
i bowed before the applause for many days and nights
if not perhaps weeks, months or years.

when a hush from the distance darkened like clouds
and threw a shadow of silence over the crowds.
the beast i thought defeated approached yet once again.

ever more hideous
covered all in heads
ten times more bold
with eyes cruel and cold
determined to rob the hope i now hold.
i put the window wiper in my pocket next to the scissors and the bag
trying to hold on to the last thing
the last thing in the world i had.

he little screamers popped off when i pulled.
they were tossed into separate windows
tossed each one by one as fast and carefully as i could.
upon landing a smile calmed each and every face.
as if something long missing.
had finally fallen...
fallen in its place.

two heads remained... the beast was weaker but rabid now with rage.
flailing blindly and then snorting,
tearing straight my way.
i wrestled a piece off.
it kicked wailing in my arms.
until it smiled demurely
entrusted in the care of a passerby
with certain lovely charms.
i realized now what should be done
to end it all for good.
if i found the beast a loving home
then perhaps it'd stop being quite so rude.
i wrestled and i pulled
but the monster was too strong.
it retreated into darkeness
leaving the whisper of a song.

your night will come.
the wind will bring
black clouds enraged your way
and you will find youself before
forgoten ghosts of yesterday.
outside the door you left behind
a shadow of your past
you are no longer who you were
below the sun that saw you last.

take out the bag you carry
break windshield wiper now in two
cut off a chunk of hair
and don't despair.
the song i sing is guidance
it will tell you what to do.
hide your eyes
your nose
your face...
and pin the rest in place.
ring now the bells
the castle gates
will open to the one who stands and waits.

the princess bowed
the thief was stunned
perplexed by what he found.

the song from darkness whispered
and now he heard the sound:
we are all caged deep down within you
and follow every step
we are your thoughts
we see and hear
but know not what to do.

alone sometimes you may think you are
we are always here with you.
what mystery now watches you?
is there perhaps intent?
no word
no explanation...
have with this guest been sent.

are you right in your assumption
to think you are alone?
no one exists who understands
the weight your shoulders own.

uninvited comedy
misguided in it's sense...
why is it here?
to mock you?
to hold you in a trance?
against the song the thief rebelled
and tried to end the words
streaming of their own accord
raining down with tender voice...
tender voice of birds.

behind thick door...
in darkness...
the mystery was hid from sight.
was there a chance...
a chance to flee...
to escape what had come to light?
forget he tried.
but could not.

the words now thumped in both their ears:
why try to flee?
why try to hide? you can not.

don't you remember?
are not the one who holds the key.

fight as you might.
outside light
you'll never see.

untrapped thunder broke out
ripping through the walls.
no brick uncracked
stood in its place...
nothing remained that did not fall.

the the fracture flew free.

but you and i are left...
when everything is gone
just you and i and anything you hold against me.
anything i've done wrong.
anything still falling...
anything coming down from the sky...
anything that tempts you...
is all that stands between you and i.

the present holds the future.
the past is dead and gone.
with no walls to hold us from each other...
no doubts are left...
not one.
not in darkness...
does unanswered question hide.
i have you.
and you have me.
and all else i've held inside...

Root Seed


Natural Tendency.
Unchained. Unseen.
Roll your Stones.
Break Me.

is finally set free.