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Artist Statement

Sometimes you can't explain things. When I was maybe 14, I drew two soldiers shooting each other at close range. I didn't attempt to color the scene realistically. In fact, the colors purposefully rejected reality. I do not know what possessed me. All I know is that I loved the result and have recreated or searched for a way to recreate it throughout the rest of my life. I have an easy time blending something like green, purple and pink pencil but have had a very hard time trying to replicate the look with paint. Green, purple and pink oils will mix into a gray. In pencil, the blending seems to not create a secondary color. Other artists have painted in unrealistic colors. I have not figured out how they pull it off. I believe , perhaps, they paint without blending. I was doing constant blending in pencil without worry of creating a third color which might muddy the resulting irradescence. Refraining from blending colors would not come naturally to me.

When I pulled off a digital version of unrealistic color, it came instinctually; a lot like pencil color blending. I squeezed , pushed, twisted and smooshed an image digitally until a new scene emerged. I don't remember why I decided to smoosh a photograph into a completely new composition. I suppose I started pushing the image around and it looked like I could keep going until I had a nude lady in the river. I could attempt to explain it all away but I'd just be guessing.

Why after a decades long career do I have no style? Why have I no predictable themes, subjects or tendencies? Mediums. Can't I just pick a medium at least? Why do I paint what I paint? Some things I can't explain.


Alexandru Marius Săcui was born in communist Romania in 1975. At the age of 9, his family moved to the United States.

Alex studied graphic design at the University of Cincinnati. His design solutions have usually relied on illustration. In fact, Alex has focused his efforts primarily toward illustration despite having no traditional education in painting, art or illustration. He has painted murals for a gas station, restaurants and breweries. He has animated a movie which has shown in the Rotterdam international film festival. He has animated footage which interacted with an actor on stage. He has illustrated a Christmas book and a comic book explaining ethics to the employees of Google. Alex has abandoned a bronze statue on the sidewalk, blown up clay sculptures in the kiln, carved in wood, sculpted in found objects and sold cement sculpture. He paints. He draws. He changes diapers and gardens.