Alex Sacui


Alexandru Săcui has been around since 1975. He has lived in at least a dozen places including Romania's one road Nemșa, Cincinnati, Asheville, Ithaca, San Francisco's Tenderloin, Seattle, Austin, Philadelphia, Saint Louis, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Youngstown.

Alex lives in metro Atlanta with a young family. He is a self taught artist and animator with a graphic design degree from the University of Cincinnati.


There is a place for everything in it's due time.

There's a place for pretty, for horror, for introspection, for political protest, for loving, for all the sports. Come to think of it. If you mix some of those... Well... Wouldn't it? Wouldn't it be something?


I love commission work. Collaboration inspires my art. If you like what you see, please contact me. The right collaborator for your project is within reach.