Alexandru Marius Săcui


Alexandru Marius Săcui is a self taught artist and animator with a graphic design degree from the University of Cincinnati. He was born in Romania around 1975 and lives in Atlanta.

Săcui's earliest illustration decorates the entrance of The American Jazz Museum. The interactive multilingual animation Nosepilot met with international success and is in the Web Design Museum. Art has shown at Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall and Waterworks Art Museum. Graphic design has sold at Kroger, Publix and Costco.


There’s no jazz, hip hop, rock, folk, or country. It’s all music. Putting a label on the art limits the potential of the artist. When it comes to taste, I have no preferences. During slavery, categorization of everything in its proper place was a helpful mental strategy to keeping things running. Mix things up. Judge individually. Predictability isn't everything.

In absolute honesty, I have no separate statement that is not already expressed in my art. An Artist Statement seems to be some sort of requirement; for me it is a creative writing exercise. It's important to keep those old typing muscles active. Yay, predictability! No. No. Wait. This one's the real thing: Expect more.


Illustration, animation, graphic design. They are just titles. It's all art performed collaboratively for a purpose not initiated by the artist. Hired work is an exciting team sport which leads to points not possible with solo projects.

Draft with excitement.