Alex Sacui


Alexandru Săcui was born in Romania in 1975. Since the age of nine, he has lived in the United States. Alexandru Sacui has a graphic design degree from the University of Cincinnati. He is a self taught artist and animator. Sacui is best known for his 2000 online animation Nosepilot.


You may have heard of Rolling Stones. It's possible that you may have not experienced the phenomenon for yourself.

I was on the side of a mountain with a friend and we must have found a rock hanging precariously ready to roll down the slope. We gave it a push and were amazed. We got some more stones rolling. The best rollers were the giant ones that picked up so much speed they'd fly through smaller trees, and bounce off the bigger ones. A couple stopped but the best disappeared out of sight to reemerge splashing in a river. We got the fright of our lives when we followed the mountain down and started seeing a paved road emerge on our side of the river. Once at the bottom, we breathed in relief to not find any smashed vehicles in the water. I recommend care if embarking on a similar experiment.

I embrace starting projects not knowing how they will end. I follow as the painting leads and allow for it to create itself. The best art evolves a life of its own.


I love commissions. Collaboration brings fresh vision to work.