Alex Sacui


Alexandru Marius Săcui was born in Romania in 1975. Since the age of nine, he has lived in the United States. Alex Sacui is best known for his 2000 online animation Nosepilot.


The focus of my work is shopping. If I paint Nazareth of biblical times, I am drawn to the market and the pretty baskets for sale. If I paint a Baltimore New York City mashup, the biggest thing in the painting is the shopping bag of the photo bombing barista. Anything and everything I paint somehow focuses on shopping in some sort of fancy artsy way. Even something like a barren boulder ocean coast smashed by merciless waves. Even something like that is about shopping. The sound of shopping.

One painting in my collection was painted before I met my wife. "Flowers." It is my only painting that does not deal with shopping in some way.


I love commissions. Collaboration brings fresh vision to work.